What is Searched?

  • When you search this site, you are only searching reports.
  • Searches are first matched against product titles and authors, not the full text. To expand your search to the full text of CRS products, check the Include full text box above the search results.
  • By default, searches are matched against ALL words in your query.

Narrowing Your Search

Try these options if you have more results than you want:

  • Use the checkboxes on the left side of the page to refine your search by Topics, Authors, Date, or Status.
  • Add more words to your search, either by entering a more detailed term in the main search box or by using Search Within Results.
  • If you searched the full text, uncheck the Include Full Text box to limit your search to the titles and authors of CRS products.

Formulating Your Search

  • Enter one or more words on the topic you are looking for. By default, searches are matched against ALL words in your query.
  • You can search for words and phrases.
  • You can use Boolean OR and NOT operators in your search (in all caps). Because all words are searched by default, use of Boolean AND is discouraged in most cases.

Expanding Your Search

If you have fewer results than expected (or no results at all), here are some ways to expand your search:

  • If you used the default search, try searching the full text: check the Include Full Text box above the search results.
  • If you used more than one word, try the search with fewer words.
  • If you used quotation marks, try the search without quotation marks.
  • If you checked any of the refinements (e.g., Topics, Authors), try clearing some or all refinements. Alternatively, you can keep your refinements but broaden your search by selecting more options within an area. For example, if you selected one topic related to your search, selecting more topics will add those results.
  • Try combining an acronym, synonym or more general term with its related term using OR.
  • If you used Search Within Results, each search term is displayed above the search results. Click the "x" next to any term to remove it from your search.